From “Hyde Jekyll, Me” to “Cheese in the Trap”: Webtoon Inspired K-Dramas

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Korea’s LINE Webtoon Digital-Comics Publisher Signs With CAA for TV and Film Projects

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Among the 7 dramas of based on webtoon, there is “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”!. It is a popular Korean webtoon that will be turned into drama this year (one more). The story is related to plastic surgery and Korean society obsession with beauty.

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Top Webtoon Comics to Read

And you will love it. Tower of God Everything you know is wrong in ToG. Your morals, your predictions, your hopes and fears will get tossed around in this violent tsunami of an emotional ride.

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It was magnificent from start to finish, an episode that took off from the jaw-dropping cliffhanger of episode 3 and never looked back. I felt like so much happened in a short period of time, but the pace was never frenetic or choppy. Playing off her is the odd method acting of Oguri Shun, which is so pitch perfect here I forgive him for sleep walking through Hana Kimi. I love how the issues are resolved realistically and sweetly, with Hyuga unable to resist roping Chihiro in to help him when he needs her idiotic mind to process how a normal person might think.

So who is Chihiro? Her friend Haruka commiserates over the terrible method by which Hyuga found out, and suggests Chihiro do something to make up for what she did rather than sitting here sighing. Haruka encourages Chihiro to keep looking for a job now that her internship at Next Innovation has ended so abruptly.

Chihiro sighs, her life suddenly back to square one. He looks at a trio of laptops before slamming the covers shut and sending it sliding across the table and crashing in a heap on the floor. Hyuga sends the final laptop flying and poor Yasuoka dives to catch it before it lands on the floor.

Hangukdrama & Korean

I just recently started reading manhwas and webtoons so here are the best ones for me so far. I highly recommend these titles especially if you’re a fan of action mangas. Listed in no particular order. King of Hell Genre: In death, he is made as a servant of the King of Hell. When dangerous and evil spirits escaped their captivity in hell, Majeh is given an opportunity to return to life as the King of Hell’s emissary.

Recently Korea has been putting out mature, ecchi/smut webtoons (manhwa) and man they are worth the read. Some are more about the art and sex but there are some that are worth the read for the plot.

Webtoon comics started in South Korea around The South Korean company Daum, was the first, and then Naver followed. And the best part: Here are my top picks: He lives a harsh life, working nonstop to provide for his siblings and go to school. Being a poor student, he chose the school with the scholarship.

Here he learns to become a boxer and develops lifelong friendships. She starts working in a coffee shop, and starts to have feelings for one of the workers. The story follows her as she gets a boyfriend and learns what it is to be in a relationship. Jung-A, whose story remains close to me, has lived with her boyfriend for five years. But she has been ignoring the facts: He quits his job and moves to an apartment to start a studio. However, he cannot seem to be inspired enough to draw.

From “Hyde Jekyll, Me” to “Cheese in the Trap”: Webtoon Inspired K-Dramas

He was setting out on a trip the last time she saw him, and after he kissed their young son and daughter goodbye, Ok-nam gave him her scarf to ward off the cold. In the present, Geum finds Ok-nam sleeping outside in her older guise and invites her to stay in his room for the night. As Geum watches, the plant turns green and flowers, and Ok-nam ages again.

Jun 15,  · I read the whole webtoon for Orange Marmalade, but I’ve heard they’ve changed it into something different. That was going to be the drama that was going to bring me back into my k-drama addiction. But I guess I’ll just stick to Anime for : Netizen Buzz.

I have just recently as in two minutes ago finished the first season of Trace by Nasty Cat. At first I was skeptical of the series because it was a webtoon, which I had never really read anything but serialized manga, and because the art style and story was so different. But I continued on and I was pleasantly But I continued on and I was pleasantly surprised by the story and character development and I was glued to it until the very end.

I definitely consider it one of my favorite mangas through I guess technically it is a manhwa since it’s Korean of all time and I highly recommend it. Wow that was a long intro, but finally here’s my question. Does anyone have any recommendations for any webtoons that are good? I want to give some other webtoons a try and see if I have the same pleasant experience.

I am specifically looking for webtoons, not serialized manga, because I have already researched and read a lot of manga out there. I would also prefer a webtoon that is in “manga style” like Trace is. Genre isn’t too important as long as it’s interesting. I have already started reading ubunchu and MegaTokyo. Any suggestions are appreciated and thank you in advance.

LINE WEBTOON – Free Comics

Share South Korea is widely known as being the most wired nation in the world. The majority of Koreans have near-constant access to high-speed Internet. Consequently, the Internet has become a vehicle for new artists to make themselves known to a wide audience.

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